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The Body Shop Strawberry Collection Range Body Polish Sorbet Hand Cream Skin Care Review

Hi guys! Reviewing a bunch of stuff from The Body Shop Strawberry range. My room smells like strawberry deliciousness! Why? Because I’ve left samples of products I’m reviewing today all over the place and I haven’t got around to cleaning them yet!

I was in a bit of a fix as to what I should post today. Stressed about it all of last week. Decided on this and only now as I’m typing it out do I realize, it’s probably not seasonally appropriate! And to that I have just three things to say: One, I really don’t fuss about the seasons too much, my city’s pleasant all year round (#I<3Bangalore); two, strawberries are one of the most generic/exploited scent and they’re something you will smell or taste all year round; three, it’s the festive season (Diwali, Karva Chauth et al), meaning these make for great gifts, you last minute, clueless shopper! There. I just did you a solid!

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The Body Shop Strawberry Edit

Strawberries being one of the most common and popular scents and flavors of all time, there’s no doubt you’ll find products from almost every brand out there. But, after making a super nasally disappointing purchase, I can safely say, that these products legit smell like sweet, strawberry taffee. (basically, sweeter than actual strawberries, but I’m not complaining, I love fruity scents) And boy, do they have an extensive range of products in this collection.


  1. TBS (The Body Shop) Strawberry Lip Balm (pot and stick variations)
  2. TBS Strawberry Lip Butter
  3. The Body Shop Strawberry Hand Cream
  4. TBS Strawberry Hand Sanitizer
  5. TBS Strawberry Soap
  6. TBS Strawberry Shower Gel
  7. The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish
  8. TBS Strawberry Cold Pressed Oil
  9. TBS Strawberry Body Puree
  10. The Body Shop Strawberry Body Sorbet
  11. TBS Strawberry Body Butter


  1. TBS Strawberry Body Mist
  2. TBS Strawberry Eau De Toilette

Things to note about The Body Shop are that they do not test on animals, their products are organic, and they use community fair trade ingredients. I will be reviewing the highlighted ones from the list above.

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish

This exfoliating, foaming gel gently buffs away dead skin cells to leave skin soft and smooth. (Body exfoliator; Gently refines skin; Skin feels softer and smoother; Cold-pressed strawberry seed oil; Community Trade honey from Ethiopia)

Size: 200 ml; Price: Rs. 650/- ($20); Made in Thailand


This one smells a little bitter once the initial burst of fruitiness wears off. I guess its the smell of the seeds or something. (has that bitter almond vibe) It lathers up well and gets the whole bathroom smelling amazing all day! I use it as a body wash, with a loofah, so I cant say much about its exfoliating prowess, but it is mild. Not abrasive at all. Between this and the shower gel, I’d say go with the latter. It leaves a residue, as with all body washes. The scent doesn’t really linger too long after, but while bathing, it feels very therapeutic and fresh! Also, it doesn’t dry out your skin. I’ve been using this for a while now, and as you can see, the squeezy tube packaging means the lid will get mucky. Great for use, all year round! 3/5


The Body Shop Strawberry Hand Cream

This sweet Strawberry daily hand cream helps soften and protect hands with light, juicy moisture. The instantly absorbing formula is ideal for on-the-go hydration. (Hand cream; Nourishes hands; Light, non-greasy texture; Leaves hands feeling softer and smoother; Hands and cuticles will be left feeling silky soft; Convenient travel size; Cold-pressed strawberry seed oil; Community Trade shea from Ghana)

Size: 30 ml; Price: Rs. 350/- ($6); Made in Thailand


My hands look fine at home, but the moment I step out they look SO dry! Dunno what that’s about, but the travel size is so great to carry in your bag. It has a light, gel-cream formula that absorbs quickly and does not feel sticky or oily in the palms. Not heavy like a body butter, though. Smells nice and sweet. The packaging is similar to clinical ointments. You can also get a full sized one. Great for use all year round! 3.5/5


The Body Shop Strawberry Body Sorbet

Scoop an industry first with this cool body moisturiser. Our breakthrough sorbet texture instantly melts into skin for a frosty burst of fresh moisture. (Body sorbet; 24hr hydration; Light, sorbet texture; Sweet strawberry scent; Quickly absorbed; Suitable for dry skin; Cold-pressed strawberry seed oil)

Size: 200 ml; Price: Rs. 795/- ($15); Made in the UK


I’ve saved the best for last! I love love LOVE this! It somehow looks like a sorbet too, like, I can’t even. It provides lightweight, instant hydration. Absorbs quickly and spreads easily, so it’s especially great for when you’re in a rush! Just slap some on and be out the door. Sets to a nice matte finish. (almost a gel to powder effect) Not shiny or oily. Kind of gives a cooling gel like sensation. Oh, I’m obsessed with it’s texture! Like crushed ice jelly. Basically a sorbet. But, damn it’s awesome! You should really try it for yourself. For a sorbet, the longevity and moisturization are really great. It’s light weight making it perfect for summers. 5/5




Great smelling products. Support great causes as well. They make for cool gifts and the variety is incredible! Out of all of them, you must try the sorbet! I highly recommend it! (if you don’t like the smell of strawberries, you can try it in Satsuma, Moringa or Fuji Green Tea scents) These are definitly on the pricier side. Try and get them on sale. I’ve bought them in store and online (Nykaa, Purplle, Amazon) so availability is not a problem. My only issue is that since the products aren’t sealed, you don’t get the satisfaction of getting a brand new product of full weight. (or maybe that’s just me and my paranoia)


I hope you like this post!

– Za )x(

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