Sunday Soul Sante

Sunday Soul Sante Stall Tribal Jewelry

It’s the One-Month-a-versary of Lipstick Alchemist! It took quite a while to set it up… But! Here it is in all it’s glory. Haha.

So, Sunday Soul Sante happened a couple weeks ago and the theme for this year was NEON. I tried to do a neon makeup look… And failed. But we’re all about that jugaad (improv) life, aren’t we? (I am 😐 ) Β Managed to fix it in the car.

On to the sante itself, it was soΒ well done. They just keep getting better each time! Although, I’d like to have a few words with whoever was in charge of parking! (it was a mile long bhool-bhulaiya away from the sante) Oh, BTW Sante means market in Kannada πŸ™‚

All the stalls and all their wares were SO good. They made for such fantastic photography subjects!

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I do regret not noting the names of the stalls that we took pictures from πŸ™ It’s something I’ll keep in mind next time. So much to learn… It can be hard for absent-minded-socially-awkward-turtles. Quite honestly, the last time I was there I picked up like 80 business cards πŸ˜› Anyway…

Have you noticed how crazy the internet is over succulents and terrariums? There were plenty of options here.

There was a lot more than just stalls, though. There was a treasure hunt, a food court and multiple food stalls, DJs and MCs keeping the vibe going, a fashion show, live performances from USP and Best Kept Secret and much more! It was quite amazing. You should really go and experience it, and decide for yourself.

Live Performance by USP
Live Performance by USP

I hope you like this post! πŸ™‚
– Za )x(

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