Sunday Soul Sante OOTD

Sunday Soul Sante OOTD Lipstick Alchemist

Hi guys! It’s thursday! Which means the weekend will soon be upon us 😉 And for a lucky few, it’s going to be a long one! What with tomorrow being Ugadi and all. :)Season’s greetings to all who celebrate 🙂 Here’s a quick look at my Sunday Soul Sante OOTD.

My gorgeous friend Nez was my photographer for the day! I was super self concious the whole time 😛 Add to the novelty, the failure of my funky-lip idea and you have a hyper-sensitive self-critical mess. I’ll improve over time, hopefully.

Festivals and events like these call for a bohemian look but boho is not a particular fave of mine, so I tend to channel a lot of my personal style into it.

Sunday Soul Sante OOTD Lipstick Alchemist

I wore a maxi skirt with a boxy cropped shirt, a DIY kimono, tassel earrings, hand harness, chain belt, reflective sunglasses, pink backpack and gold kolhapuris.

Sunday Soul Sante OOTD Lipstick Alchemist
Kind of fell of this contraption, haha. Thought it was a chair, but it was a swing.

I meant to do a bold lip look wherein the upper lip was bright pink and the lower was a true red. The theme of the sante was neon, in case you didn’t know, and I thought it would befit the occasion! Unfortunately, I hadn’t given enough time for the liquid lipsticks to set and when I was speaking, the two just blended into a weird mush. So I put on this dusty mauve shade. Doesn’t look bad, but wasn’t what I was going for… Sad times 🙁

Sunday Soul Sante OOTD Lipstick Alchemist
Don’t mind my hair. It just does it’s own thing.


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Sunday Soul Sante 20

Outfit Details:

Shirt: Warehouse (altered; cropped)

Skirt: Tailored

Kimono: DIY

Shoes: Exotic Footwear

Bag: 20Dresses

Belt: D Muse by Dressberry (Myntra)

Earrings: Toniq (LimeRoad)

Hand Harness: Styletag

Sunglasses: Royal Sun (Flipkart)

Sunday Soul Sante OOTD Lipstick Alchemist

I hope you like this post 🙂

– Za )x(

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  1. You’re coming with me when I go shopping next :*

    1. Yes definitely. It would be my pleasure! 🙂

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!

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