Sleek i-Divine Ultra Mattes V1 Brights Palette

Sleek i-Divine Ultra Mattes V1 Brights Palette Swatch Review Pics

(Wow that name is a mouthful) Hi guys! I’m back with another product review and this time it’s an eye shadow palette. Sleek make some killer affordable products! I’m obsessed with their blushes but Sleek i-Divine Ultra Mattes V1 Brights Palette is my first eye shadow palette from them and I’ve dived head first into the most colorful palette they’ve got! This was part of my UK Beauty Haul.

It’s one of many from their 12 eyeshadow palette collection, called i-Divine. They range from neutrals to brights to smokey and even pastel shadows that all come in creams, mattes and shimmers. This one in particular was launched as part of an Ultra Mattes duo of V1 Brights and V2 Darks that consisted of 12 matte shades each.



Item: Sleek MakeUp i-Divine Ultra Mattes V1 Brights Palette


Packaging: As with all Sleek MakeUp products, the packaging is a minimalistic, smooth, matte black plastic palette with a full sized mirror and a double ended sponge applicator. It is literally Sleek 😀 The packaging itself comes in a thematic cardboard box, which is the standard with sleek.


Description: Sleek MakeUP’s legendary i-Divine palettes are 12 shades of super-pigmented, longlasting, mineral based eyeshadow, designed to suit all. Ultra Matte Brights are intensely creamy and super blend-able. Due to the intense colour, a little goes a long way.

Stole this picture from the UK Beauty Haul post 😛

Price: Rs. 1400/- (10.49 Euros) I bought this from luxola before it closed and became Sephora Singapore. The prices were hiked towards the end and it went up from Rs. 1000/- to 1400/- despite the conversion being Rs. 750/-

Top Row, Left to Right – Chill; Pout; Sugarlite; Dragon Fly; Pucker; Bamm! Bottom Row, Left to Right – Cricket; Bolt; Strike; Floss; Crete; Pow!


Chill: Pale blue. Chalky. Dull.

Pout: Red-based medium pink. Soft. Pigmented.

Sugarlite: Medium purple. Soft. Dull.

Cricket: Parrot green. Soft. Pigmented. Paler of the two greens. Not much of a difference though.

Bolt: Vivid blue. Soft. Pigmented. Best of the lot!

Strike: Bright Orange. Soft. Pigmented.


Dragon Fly: Jewel toned green. Chalky. Dull.

Pucker: Blue-based pink. Chalky. Pigmented.

Bamm!: Yellow. Soft. Pigmented.

Floss: Pale pink. Soft. As with all things pale pink, I do love it.

Crete: Light Grey. Soft. Dull. Useless piece of shit. Weirdly lustrous.

Pow!: White. Soft. Pigmented


The color range is pretty vast but its is also very repetitive. They’ve got blues, greens, pinks, yellow, orange, purple, white and grey. There are two greens and two dark pinks without any significant difference between them. Instead, there should have been a brown and maybe a red and the palette would have been a 10/10.


Pros: Spoilt for choice in terms of colors. Endless possibilities of combinations. Some shadows are intensely pigmented and very creamy. They are easy to build and blend. Also, Sleek does not test on animals!

Cons: The pale colors do not show up. Some of the dark ones are also pretty chalky. Availability can be an issue if you’re in India but they do ship internationally. (Customs is a whole other story)

The sponge applicator that comes with the palette.


I’ve swatched all the shadows on dry hands and not used any primer underneath or wet the shadows. I find wet shadow swatches or swatches with primers rather misleading because they do not show the product for what it truly is. It’s like steroids for eye shadows 😛 Although I admit, the swatch pictures are probably not the best looking.




It’s a great budget palette for creating bright and colorful eye looks but the pay off varies from shade to shade. All eye shadows are not created equal and so some perform better than others. A nifty little palette to create several versatile looks and I believe everyone should have a palette like this or something similar to it (Makeup Revolution also have an inexpensive palette with similar colors). Just use a primer. 4/5


I hope you like this post!

– Za )x(

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