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Pretty Secrets Lingerie Bras Shapewear Jabong Online Shopping India Style Review

Hey there ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hahaha. I’m setting the mood with the wink and all. Talking about someย Pretty Secrets,ย you see! *wink wink*

If you remember, like ten years ago, I said I’d be posting a bunch of hauls and the time is nigh, my friend. Diwali has come and gone, it’s practically Thanksgiving now! So this will most likely conclude the haul posts, but you have some Thanksgiving-y ones to look forward to!

Pretty Secrets Haul | Jabong

I’ve never bought lingerie online. For someone who buys from books to shoes to food online, it was both hella strange and a long time coming. Finally took the plunge on Jabong coz of their awesome return policy and bought a bunch of bras and shape wear. Kept some and returned whatever didn’t fit! Let’s check ’em out, shall we?

Pretty Secrets Bras


Truth be told, I wanted to experiment with lacy bras but the collections in stores just did not cut it for me. Found some really pretty ones here, so I went for blacks and nudes. (Color + lace is too much for a prude like me) Bought them in varying band lengths and cup sizes, and I seem to have found my ideal size for this brand!

PrettySecrets Flattering Fabulous Lace Push Up Bra

Color: Black

Price: Rs. 799/-

Bought these in different band and cup sizes. They are underwired t-shirt bras with medium padding, not push up! They have a lacy band with lace detail between the cups as well. The straps are not detachable but come with a hook that let’s you convert it into a racer back.


PrettySecrets Fabulous Lace Push Up Bra

Color: Soft Nude

Price: Rs. 699/-

The difference between this and the one above is that this has no lace trim at the bridge of the cups. Just a satin bow. Which makes it a 100 bucks cheaper, I guess? Everything else is the same. The sizing was off and I did not like the yellow-beigeiness of it, so I returned it!


PrettySecrets Lace Push Up Bra

Color: Nude

Price: Rs. 899/-

This little number is a push up bra! The straps are detachable and come with the hook for racer back conversion. Lace detail aside, it has a little charm and a satin bow at the bridge. Super pretty style!


PrettySecrets Lace Push Up Bra

Color: Nude

Price: Rs. 799/-

This is an under wired push-up bra as well! It is a front closure style and the band is entirely lace. The straps are nondetachable with a T back. (As in a T strap)


Pretty Secrets Shape Wear

The shape wear has been a bit of a tragedy for me. They were all too small or should I say I’m too bootylicious for them? Either way they did not fit and had to go back. The thing is though, they were only available in size XS and size S and I assumed it’s one of those “free size” situations where its meant to fit a broad category of women. Not so ๐Ÿ˜› Small is small. And a little too small for me 😂

PrettySecrets Leaf Super Slimming Hip & Thigh Shaper

Color: Black; Skin

Price: Rs. 1,199/-

These shapers are the bees knees! Like, they’re not a lame excuse for spanx that does nothing but add an additional layer to your outfit. They didn’t fit so I couldn’t put them on, but I stretched them in my hands and they were sturdy AF. That shit is industrial strength! So all you size XS and S ladies, you got lucky! These are amazing. In the mean time us chubby girls will be waiting at a pizza parlor for PrettySecrets to wake up andย smell the coffeeย get to work on more sizes!

These are high waisted with a hook and clasp closure that is sealed in by a zipper. So seamless and smooth, and the thigh length ensures there will be no pantylines as well. Both very important! Trust me, I know.

PrettySecrets Mid Waist Lacy Shaping Brief

Color: Black

Price: Rs. 899/-

This one also did not fit. LOL. It’s a more relaxed style with no hooks or zips, just slip it on! The lacy bottom probably helps prevent panty lines but I can’t vouch for that.


All in all, the pieces were great quality and good value for money as well! Shape wear definitely needs to be more size inclusive, though. Pretty Secrets is a must try for any novice looking to experiment.ย 4/5

I hope you like this post! ๐Ÿ™‚

– Za )x(

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