May Favourites

May Favorites Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Blogger Monthly Favorites

I’m back with another monthly favourites and as promised, this one is a stunner therefore I have made up for my April favourites 🙊 Haha wasn’t that bad though, was it? 😛 Before we get to the juicy bits, I’d like to ask you how the blog looks and performs now? After months and months of tweaking, I seem to be approaching (perfection?) completion. Give it a whirl, tell me what you like and what doesn’t work and you best believe that if you say “it looks the same” I will find you and (kill you? no I’m not Liam Neeson!) show you the miles of minified CSS I’ve used 👩‍💻  Okay now onto my favourites!

May Favourites

May Favorites Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Blogger Monthly Favorites



Anti Shine Purifying and Mattifying | Hydrafresh Icy Gel (L’oreal Paris)

Remember when I was on a hunt for a good moisturizer? This was the first one I got and as with most of my purchases, my intuition was right and the obsessive research paid off! Love the gel consistency, the cooling effect, the shine-free matte look and supple soft skin post moisturization. If only this came in a tube (I wouldn’t have wasted money on Lotus and Cetaphil)! I didn’t like having to dip into the pot but after those two failed attempts, I’m back with my OG.


Professional Hair Iron (Nova)

This straightening iron is a major throwback to my 10th grade graduation, which is when I got it but never used coz we were asked to assemble far to early and the next couple hours we wasted on campus I fully spent regretting having showed up on time 🙄 Anyway, these tongs have lasted all these years and since they’re so old and inexpensive I use them much more (as compared to my Phillips set). I don’t fuss over it at all and the low maintenance has made me pick this one more than the other and TBH it’s been very important in helping me have fewer bad hair days now that my roots have grown out so much! I even use it to curl my hair for some casual waves!


Velvet Slipper | Matte Me Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Cream (Sleek Makeup)

FAVOURITE!!! Quite possibly the best liquid lipstick formulation but also the colour is so freaking unique! I love it to bits. This was one of the things I got from the UK but I’m only just using it (which is a terrible thing I know 🙁 cosmetics have such a short shelf life to begin with)


Nude Skin | Color Show Nail Polish (Maybelline)

This is the nude lip of nails, I’m telling you guys! It’s so chic and polished (pun intended) looking. Goes great with everything. Looks nice on the toes as well especially if your conscious about having small toes/toenails. The next most universally flattering thing after a French manicure!



Blue Button Me Double High Waist Jeggings (20 Dresses)

I love my fair share of nautical fashion and these matelot pants are super cute! Got these in 2015 but wore them for the first time on my birthday. As I’ve lost weight since then, they’re a bit loose on the waist but fit ok otherwise (big booty problems 😅)


Rose Gold Tassel Earrings (Blueberry)

I can never have enough tasseled earrings 🙃 These are really glam but also sleek and can be styled with ethnic, western or fusion wear.


Navy Ankle Strap Block Heels (Vero Couture)

I’ve literally got 5 pairs of shoes from this brand and if there was a majority vote in my shoe rack, they would definitely win! 😛 I highly recommended this style, whether it’s in navy or not (black/red/white/nude all good) because it’s very wearable and super flattering.



Doctor Strange

The VFX in this movie are so brilliant! The person who visualized the “fourth dimension” or the manipulations of the “fabric of time” or whatever you wanna call it, must be such a creative and intelligent and amazing person. I wonder what it’s like to be inside their head. Too cool. The plot and the humour are cool too. Only regret is I didn’t watch it in the theater in 3D but even so, it was wonderful.

TV show

Gossip Girl

I’ve watched it up to season four and recently saw a few episodes of season five. I’ve really liked this show for a long time for many reasons not including the toxic relationships and a contrived plot! The friendship, the fashion, the Upper East side life… 💜 I’m looking forward to finishing all episodes.


Something Just Like This (The Chainsmokers & Coldplay)

I know this song has been around for months but I only recently heard it and that too in an advertisement and really liked it!


#WeAreAllFabulous (Enamor India)

You must think this chic is REALLY obsessed with bras but I just can’t help myself! When there is any shred of empowerment/inclusivity/body positivity/celebration of womanhood I’m just compelled to promote it, bring it to more people, because we see so much non sense on a day to day basis that the bullshit starts to normalise and we internalise a lot of these “ideals” and complexes. So here, be fabulous as you are :*


Almond Biscotti (Fresho)

I remember watching a scene of Sex and the City when Charlotte brings some biscotti over to Carrie’s place and they’re all just hanging out and ever since I’ve just wanted to try some. You should probably know that I am VERY into TV shows with a high dosage of fashion and friendship. That’s really all your home girl needs 😀 Anyway, these are the only ones I’ve ever tried so I can’t vouch for their flavour/authenticity but I really liked them!


RJ Zeishah

She’s a multi talented power house of a woman and you can catch her on her daily show Red Adda with Rj Zee on Red FM from 3 pm-5 pm. This has been her first month here and she’s already taking over the radiowaves! The epitome of the strong, independent modern woman she’s also a fashion lover and is a major foodie now dabbling in improv and the occasional ramp walk 😉 Check out her Facebook page for more!


Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2

This came out on my birthday weekend and my friend and I caught a show before the celebrations. As with all marvel movies, I really liked it. Also, I Can Haz Baby Groot? Because OMG! Seriously, he’s too cute!😍

May Favorites Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Blogger Monthly Favorites

I hope you like this post! 🙂

– Za )x(

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