March Favourites

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Hey you! How are you doing this afternoon? It’s gotten quite hot, hasn’t it 😅 My March Favourites are things that will help you beat the heat and look damn fine while you do it. Read on to find out!

Also, don’t you think the first post each month should be the monthly favourites? I do because in scheduling it around other topical posts, it get’s very delayed; almost mid month that this is going up. Gonna try that next time! March has been a month of accomplishments and epic fails. On the one hand, I spent a lot of time and effort pruning the back end of this blog and it’s appearance and functioning, and on the other, completely ignored my other obligations like posting more often and reading and things. With this I hope to end the never ending pity party I seem to be throwing here. Maybe not pity, but it’s definitely excuses and justification. I did that because I wanted to hold myself accountable to you but it only comes across as a sloppy attempt to mask what may seem like frivolity and incompetence, and is very unprofessional. I’m dead serious about this blog thing and I don’t want to be a Debby Downer anymore; don’t nobody come here lookin’ to get themselves down. So no more raining on my own parade or yours. You just enjoy the polished content and leave the drama and trouble to me 🙂

March Favourites

March Favourites Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Blogger Monthly Favorites



Matte Gel Sunscreen (Lotus)

This sunscreen is amazeballs! It’s got SPF 50 and PA+++, and it fixes two major issues with sunscreen in general: it’s matte (they’re usually greasy), and gives zero white cast. It’s almost mythical. An absolute must have in your tropical summer survival kit!


Shine Mousse | Taft (Schwarzkopf )

I’ve only ever used setting sprays to hold my hair after styling but this mousse goes on before you even style your hair and is all the more potent in this hot humid weather compared to just setting sprays. This one also makes the hair shiny and is sweat proof (to some extent) so go ahead and add this to your arsenal. You wont’t regret it.


Always Red | Cream Lip Stain (Sephora)

I was in a very Parisienne mood on my Women’s Day date and put this on after maybe a year and remembered why I loved it so much in the first place! True red, super matte. Paired it with a briton tee and a trench coat. Tres chic, oui?


Dressed To Kill (Street Wear)

This is the colour I’m wearing in my spring-ready Bloom in Co-ords post and I raved about it there as well! Love the colour. May be one of my all time favourites.



Taylor Jean (Koovs Denim)

Oooh these pants are magical! They suck in my muffin top like it’s nobody’s business! AND it gives me an instagram bum. It really does. Or maybe that’s just coz I’m bootylicious to begin with but it does magical things, I tell you. It’s high waisted, acid washed, light blue denim with studs on the sides of the legs and no front pockets. I NEED K Denim to make them in every colour and wash possible. Pretty please 🙂


Grey Stone Studded Drop Earrings (Parfois)

Wore these twice to dress up my bomber jacket and they look fab! I love that they’re gunmetal so they’re uniformly grey with no gold/silver coming through. Very dressy without being over the top!


Cream Sandals (Truffle Collection)

I’m in love, guys. Just so, so madly in love. Love the block heel, very comfy. It’s metallic so it’s got a little more zing to it too. The heel just adds a little height with zero effort and makes you walk the fancy walk that you don’t in flats. You know what I’m talking about 😉 The lace up styling is very in and the sandals are great for the summer! The camel tone just makes it universally style-able.



Mistress America

This movie is an indie drama/comedy about the relationship between two women, and their aspirations. Brooke lives the flashy life she wants others to think she leads while hiding the truth of who she really is, tirelessly self-promoting a carefully manufactured notion of herself via social media. Tracy becomes Brooke’s follower and confidante and retreats into the armour of a fuzzy jumper and beret, observing the world with rueful eyes. These are flawed, ambitious, Bechdel-approved women who have more important things to prioritise than just boys. It’s a pointed commentary on people desperate to impress, in the hipster era of social media appearances and fragile existences.

TV show

Koffee With Karan (Season 05)

Despite it’s numerous, numerous flaws, it’s a fun show to watch! We get to see Bollywood in a different light and know celebs beyond their appearances. I especially loved Kangana’s episode (QUEEN) and Jacquelene’s! Oh, OMG, Twinkle’s too! Top three 🙂


Rockabye (Clean Bandit feat. Sean Paul and Anne Marie)

What is this song trying to do to me? Compelled to feel the beat and the feels; so you’re crying as you gyrate. Like what is this? I really love the song but I do well up every now and then. This song is a litmus test to where I am in my cycle, I guess 😛


Generations of Care #TouchOfCare (Vicks)

Based on a true story, the feels are strong with this one! 😭 How is this still a “right” to be fought over? If someone is physically and mentally fit and financially able they should be able to adopt, irrespective of their gender identity or sexual preference. It’s all just so terrible. Gauri Sawant is such a bawse, I can’t even 😢


Black Currant Ice Cream (Dairy Day)

I’m keeping cool this summer with loads of ice and ice cream! Black currant is probably my favourite flavour of ice cream but you don’t usually get it in stores (packaged and retailed types; not gelato) so I was pleasantly surprised when I found this cone. It was yum too!


Aditi Mittal

Brilliant comedienne and all around great human being! Home grown, desh ki mitti and all that! 😛 She’s so hilarious in her stand up sets as well as her Youtube sketches but more than all that, she’s such a vocal member of society and actively comments on current events, be it political satire or just general humour. Love her. She’s also a feminist and a great role model for young (and old) men and women. Check out her youtube channel below. Go Dollywood!

March Favourites Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Blogger Monthly Favorites

I hope you like this post! 🙂

– Za )x(

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