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Hello, dearies 🙂 Going to tread on unknown territory today, with a beauty review. I’m pretty nervous because we’re getting super up close and personal with my face! Please be kind.
Today I’m reviewing MAC Please Me Matte Lipstick. This one’s been around for a while (permanent) but has been relaunched as part of MAC The Matte Lip Collection. It’s one of my first MACs, but I probably shouldn’t have started my first review with it. Not too flattering on my discolored lips. Ah, too late! We’re in too deep now.

Mac Please Me 9


Brand: MAC

Mac Please Me 1

Product: Matte Lipstick

Mac Please Me 3

Shade: Please Me

Mac Please Me 2

Description: Muted-rosy-tinted pink

Mac Please Me 8

Price: Rs. 1,500/- ($17.00)

Mac Please Me 6


Mac Please Me Matte Lipstick

Mac Please Me 4

Pros: This looks more rosy in the tube but when it’s on, it’s paler and becomes a lovely rose milk/strawberry milkshake color. Great for a fresh blushing look, or accompany a purple smokey eye. The texture is creamy and very easy to apply. It has a creamy semi-matte finish with warm undertones. Comfortable to wear, not too drying or moisturizing. And it’s got the typical vanilla scent that MAC lipsticks have. (Sensitive noses, watch out!)

Mac Please Me 12

Cons: Since my lips are pigmented, the application was streaky. It’s not too obvious in the pics, but it looked so weird that I didn’t want to put it out there on the internet, forever! So after I put it on and dabbed it, I did not move my lips at all while taking pics! They were frozen in place 😀 Every time I pressed them together, the lipstick displaced and got weird. It tends to settle into the fine lines and accentuate them, so it has like a tiger print effect.


Better suited for fair-medium toned girls, ideally with evenly pigmented lips. Skin color is not as much an issue as lip pigmentation. Lip discoloration ruins the final effect of the otherwise good lipstick. 3/5 

Mac Please Me 13

I hope you like this post! 🙂

– Za )x(

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