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MAC D For Danger Fall Deep Red Lip Christmas Holiday Matte Lipstick Nykaa India

Great news, girls! MAC is now on Nykaa πŸ™‚ And I’ve got the perfect fall red for you, which is a MUST HAVE this holiday season! Move over, Ruby Woo, MAC D For Danger is the new queen in town. I mean the name says it all. Could it be more dramatic? It’s a gorgeous matte lipstick part of the permanent line but was also released as part of the MAC The Matte Lip Collection. You can also check out my review of MAC Please Me Matte lipstick, from the same collection.

This shade is a dupe for the limited edition matte lipstick Heaux from Rihanna’s RiRi <3 MAC collection. It either never released here or I’ve missed it, but in my quest to find it I stumbled upon D for Danger and there’s no looking back. Heaux was a different finish; the original, a retro matte; the newer, amplified. So this matte was a win-win situation!

D For Danger | MAC

Brand: MAC

Product:Β Matte Lipstick

Shade:Β D For Danger

Description: Brick red (I beg to differ, unless bricks in the west are a different color than ours πŸ˜› )

Price: Rs. 1,500/- ($17.00)


As per usual, it has the trademark vanilla scent and comes in the shimmery black MAC bullet. The colour is a cool toned berry red that looks darker in the bullet than it is on. It’s such a wonderful color for the holidays! Sophisticated and classy, it’s not your typical cherry shade. This shade is perfect for fall and I’d even recommend it for work or a bridal look. In fact, I’m more comfortable wearing this daily than my maybelline/sephora reds.

The application is smooth and sets to a satin-matte finish. It’s not at all drying or uncomfortable. It also manages to cover most of my lip discoloration with it’s opacity. I’ve only ever worn it for short durations (5 hours at most) but it lasts through a meal so it’s longevity is commendable. It even leaves a nice little stain which is good if you tend to eat your lipstick πŸ˜›

Pros:Β Everything about this lipstick is a pro. The shade is such a winner, I can’t think of anyone it wouldn’t suit. The finish is a comfortable matte. Opacity, longevity and packaging are all great.

Cons:Β NONE! Except maybe the slight scent? (only if you’re super sensitive; even so, it doesn’t linger very long) Β And maybe the price? (we all know full well how much they cost, going in) For me personally, nope, none.

Top: Artificial light, on a full face of makeup, with a filter. Bottom: Natural light, with no makeup and no filter, after a meal.


I’ve worn it out to lunch, shopping, parties and weddings through the year, so I can vouch for it’s versatility in terms of season, occasion and time of day.Β Some say this is a vampy shade, but it’s not, unless you’re very pale (I’m a medium tan). It’s just ever so slightly darker and bluer so paler girls, you can dip your toes in with this if you’re terrified of trying “vampy” lips. Brown girls, take my word for it! I only have good things to say about this beauty.Β Just give it a go and you’ll love it.


P.S.: I’ll update this post with swatches soon. My lips refuse to co-operate and the swatches will look bad when they’re all chapped. Until then, you can click here or here to see a short video of it on me!

I hope you like this post! πŸ™‚

– Za )x(

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