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It’s the sixth day of March! Could there be a better time to do a January favourites post? I think not. Seriously, explain to me how two months just snuck by? It’s surreal… I intended to do a “monthly favorites” each month this year. Another one of my mini goals and as with the rest of my goals, I have to fail a little to succeed. Well, here I am and here it is!

Procrastination combined with OCD is pretty lethal; I keep putting things off until the perfect time/situation/set up etc. and that means I waste a majority of life over thinking things. The devil is in the detail, after all 😛 This one is a little experimental as to the format and types of favorites. Dunno what goes where or how much is too much, so we’ll see how it goes!

January favorites



Moisturizing Aloe Vera Face Wash (Himalaya)

Himalaya’s Neem face was has been a holy grail for years and years, but for some reason, I cannot use it before bed. I’ve tried multiple times, and every time I use it at night, I wake up with a spot. So I used it just in the mornings, and Garnier at night. My dad acciddentally got the aloe vera face wash instead and I thought, oh, let’s give it a go and see how it works for me! And for whatever reason, it’s fine for both morning and night. It’s milder than the neem one and has quickly become my go to. It’s got menthol in it, for some reason, and that might take getting used to, the first few times. I’ve repurchased this already.


Prep Heat Protection Mist (Toni and Guy) 

It’s probably the only heat protectant on the Indian market (Tresemme launched their’s recently) so I decided to try it out, and it’s really good! It smooths out the hair, smells nice and protects hair against damage, too!


D for Danger | Matte Lipstick (MAC)

My precious red <3 Actually, it’s no generic red, it’s a nuanced, berry red that a absolutely freaking adore!!! Looks great on me, lovely finish and opacity and it matches my jacket, which is great because the two have become my crutches for 2017 😛


Sesame Pudding | Nail Paint (Nykaa)

Grey nails look so pretty on Instagram and in real life. Some might argue that the shade is very similar to Lychee Delight by Nykaa, but this one is darker and I have no regrets. Review coming soon, guys!



Black Asymmetric Hem High Slit Top (Koovs)

I’m a sucker for long tops because I’m always paranoid of the crack exposure, even when I’m wearing high waisted pants. Especially when I’m out photographing or being active somehow, because I don’t want to keep checking every few minutes. The high slits mean I can eat loads without it clinging and revealing my food baby 😛 And along with the lipstick and jacket mentioned above, this is my third crutch.


Silver Wing Choker (Style Fiesta)

This choker is suck a delicate piece. So dainty and minimalistic, it just elevates any outfit with just a hint of bling. Love love love.


Brown Canvas Skater Shoes (Vans)

Those damn Vans. LOL. I’ve lived in them for far too long. Love them but god damn do I need to get outta my rut. So yes, as of this January, they have been retired! We had a great run (literally and figuratively) but it’s time to move on. They’re really awesome though, in case you’re considering getting them.



Kimi no Na wa 

It translates to “your name” and is a Japanese anime movie from 2016! It’s been doing really well internatinally and with good reason. The music itself is so magnificent, even a sub par anime could feel like the real deal! The plot is very interesting too and is in the fantasy-drama rom-com genre. Really amazing.

TV show

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

God help me with my obsession because it devoured two months of my life. It’s unfair to pin the blame on others but this has been the reason why I’d been an unproductive piece of shit in December and January. He’s such a legend! Hilarious, flirtatious, intelligent, quirky… they don’t make them like they used to anymore. Both guys and late night TV 😛 It did set off a few oedipus alarms in my head but I keep reassuring myself that that is not the case, Craig’s just a special little cookie.


Heathens (Twenty One Pilots)

Erhmergerd!!! Also obsessed with this. And Tyler’s tattoos! But this more! It’s not even a new song. It was made for Suicide Squad actually. Watch now and be entranced.



You might be wondering what this segment is about, but advertisements play across a vast variety of languages, channels and many more times than actual movies or shows and thus have a huge part in what in affecting thought and action of people. It really matters what a majority of our population is being repeatedly fed, what they take form it and how their opinions are formed. It’s great to see that the industry is changing with the times! We’ve come a long way from “fair is lovely” to liberating bra straps from the shackles of misplaced ideas of morality and shame. This ad from Elle does exactly that! Technically this came out on 1st February, but there were plenty good options to choose from in Feb and nothing too great in January. Here’s a link!


Farmlite Oats with Chocolate (Sunfeast) 

If you’re eating healthy, I’d always recommend having a natural snack like fruits or veggies, but when you crave biscuits and you don’t wanna feel “guilty” after, I’ve got a great cheat for you! These are like the “diet” version of cookies and taste surprisingly like normal-biscuits as compared to other fibre-oat type ones (that feel like compacted saw dust). The chocolate content is a little less and they’ve added granulated sugar to it, which I don’t particularly want but they’ve got a couple chunks of almonds in there too, so they’re satisfying and wholesome. Another great thing about these is that they come in packets of two inside the box so you can pop then in your bag when you’re on the go!


Craig Ferguson

See above ^ LOL. I’m really holding myself back on my mad woman ramblings about the wonderful Mr. Ferguson, TBH. Also, Shrek farty donkey 😛

– Book of the month –

The Sense of an Ending (Julian Barnes)

This book won the Man Booker Prize in 2011, so it’s fairly a recent one. I loved the book but the ending somehow leaves much to be desired. Can’t say much with giving away spoilers but it deals with the imperfections of memory and our biases of the truth based on what we remember. How much is fabricated, how much is fact, how much do we actually really know? “History is that certainty produced at the point where the imperfections of memory meet the inadequacies of documentation”

What I can say about it, though, is it had an unexpectedly profound effect on me. It really made me wanna start documenting my past and my thoughts and feelings, so I can let go of the unhappy memories and negative thoughts and focus on the positive side of things more (knowing that I won’t completely forget where I come from and what makes me, me and at the same time not have it adulterated with time). An eponymous movie is coming out on 24th March, and maybe it’ll help resolve some questions, but let’s be real, when has a movie ever been better than a book?

January Favourites Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Blogger Monthly Favorites

I hope you like this post! 🙂

– Za )x(

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