February Favourites

February Favourites Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Blogger Monthly Favorites

I’ve missed much, y’all. Happy Women’s Day and Happy Holi and beware-the-ides-of-march! I’ve spent the last few days tweaking my blog and I’m loving the (slightly) fresh new look! Still more to do… Move logo, change display picture and update some older posts. Hopefully, I’ll be done by April (yeah I’m not a coder, it’ll take probably me that long) and then I can focus entirely on creating content. Meanwhile, let’s have a look at my February favourites, shall we?

February Favourites

February Favorites Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Blogger Monthly Favourites



Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub (St. Ives)

Needed a new scrub in my life and this one won the Allure Beauty Awards (as seen on the package) and Gigi Hadid uses it and who doesn’t want skin like Gigi, amirite? It’s highly regarded by many on the blogosphere and it lives up to the hype. It’s the usual apricot-walnut combo but the consistency is very firm meaning more exfoliating particles per cubic centimeter (#nerd #science4life #mathsuckstho) of the product. So you need lesser product and you get more bang for your buck! It’s also incredibly affordable.


Oil-in-Cream | Fructis (Garnier)

Bought this literally just to compare it with the triple oil that Garnier makes. Surprisingly, I’ve ended up loving it. I don’t oil my hair. I hate the greasy feeling (chip-chip, yaknowatimean?) plus it means having to wash my hair more often/intently and ain’t nobody got time for that. This softens, tames and helps detangle my dry, brittle hair and makes me wanna PDA with it all day long. Use sparingly coz it can weigh your hair down.


Copenhagen | Soft Matte Lip Cream (NYX)

This colour is life!!! Yaaaaasss hunter! (#rip #oldmemenobodyuses) (also why am I using so many hashtags #mood?) (#purelyironicallythough) (also, stop with the freaking brackets). I’ve loved it, reviewed it and highly recommend it!


Matcha Tiramisu | Matte Nail Lacquer (Nykaa)

OMG this is so pretty! The colour is unique, made more special with the matte finish. It’s olive meets pistachio; a mint-kulfi, if you will. Why is it not named Mint Kulfi??? Anti-national matcha propaganda??? LOLz 😛 It’s a lovely transitional shade you can rock between seasons and is something for all ages, occasions and styles.



Grey Mock Neck High Slit Top (Koovs)

I’m a hoarder and a shut in. Which means I will buy stuff like there’s no tomorrow and also not socialize so it’s months and years before I wear it. Remember the “crutches” I referred to in my January Favourites? That’s what I do. Have a bunch of go-to stuff that I wear to death and leave great pieces hanging forever in my closet, tags and all.  This is one of several such pieces and I forced myself to wear it coz when will I ever; and that bloody denim shirt obsession is ridiculous.

The mock-neck style of this top is very on trend and the grey can be styled in multitudinous ways but it’s the length that sets it apart! It’s longer and has high slits and conveniently conceals my jelly belly while letting me be fully mobile. Oh, and, it’s sleeveless so you can layer it nicely in the winter or wear on cool summer nights!


Mum’s Necklace

This is my mum’s necklace that I’ve worn as a child and have had for years. I adore the vintage styling of the pendant and the unique links of the chain. The pendant has three facets that rotate! How cool is that? A pale pink, a mossy green and a lacquered black, the colours fit right in 2017’s palette. The length of the chain is hot right now too. Don’t you just love it when things come back in style and you don’t even have to shop coz you have it already? #hoarderalert


Dark Brown Loafers (Mast and Harbour)

They’re obviously wine, not dark brown as you can see in this gothic-romance inspired look. They’re the classic loafer with tassels but with the slightest wedge heel. Unfortunately my tassel broke 🙁 Such an early retirement for these babies! Maybe I’ll hang on to them a little longer. Wear it stealthily like it’s all good coz only I know the truth and strictly on closer inspection do people realize it’s broken, much like my life? JK, JK. Oooh, here’s a GK question for you: would the previous statement be a simile, metaphor or personification? 😛



La La Land

New all-time-favourite movie!!! Love it so much. It’s a musical and I’m just all about the musicals this month (see below). It deserved every award it won and more! I have no idea why on earth it’s been given an A rating. What the actual fuck? Nothing about that movie warrants an 18+ certification. Especially since it’s such an inspiring movie and something everyone should watch, regardless of age. Especially youngsters on the cusp of finding themselves and chasing their dreams. In case you’ve missed it, just wait for it to come out on a disk and buy it! Admittedly, it will be the first movie I’ve purchased 😛

This is one of the many marvelous songs from the movie. “Here’s to the fools who dream…

TV show

Crazy Ex-girlfriend 

Star World’s Weekend Binge is probably the best thing to happen to syndicated television in India. I catch up on so many shows this way and it’s right up my alley coz who wants to consume anything in small doses over a pro-longed period of time when you can BINGE! It’s the best practice, except in case of vaccinations and mithridatism, obviously.

I’ve only watched season 1 and I’m obsessed with this show! It’s a freaking musical, you guys! It’s brilliant and fun and an absolute must watch! The songs are so damn hilarious and everything is so well written and directed. It’s bonkers and fun but at the same time it actively champions causes close to my heart like feminism, female friendships, girl love, body positivity and women in comedy (and writing and law and anything and everything they wanna do with their lives).

Here’s the premise of the show succinctly summarized in the title song!


Heaven (Troye Sivan)

The lyrics, music and visuals are so articulate, beautiful and artistic. No further description, just listen to it. All the feels :'( :’) </3 <3



This is so wonderfully made, like it’s not even trying to make a statement or anything. Just shows, women in their “natural habitat”, dealing with their bodies in everyday circumstances. Love the inclusivity of it. Women of all shapes, sizes, colours and preferences because guess what? We’re all wearing bras, no need to have cookie-cutter thin-fair-tall models blushing about town. We’re corporate pros, dancers, athletes and lazy bums going on dates and girls night outs or staying in… Just living our lives.

I am Fit For Nothing 😛 Self deprecation aside, the bespectacled girl lazing on the couch, snacking, operating her laptop with her feet? Yeah that’s so me 😀


Dark Fantasy Choco Fills Luxuria (Sunfeast) 

These are the larger and less black versions of the regular Choco Fills and I like that they don’t have the terrible balck/browm artificial food dye added to make them look more “chocolatey”/”rich”. The biscuit is yum, and the filling is silky and iins a great snack for them midnight-chocolate-cravings.


Rachel Bloom

I desperately wanna be friends with Rachel Bloom. She’s such a great role model for young girls. Like I said above she’s an incredibly talented writer and comedienne and a complete boss, all at the age of 29! Wowzers.

Check out her YouTube channel where she uploads songs from the show as well as other ones from her albums.


A Room Of One’s Own (Virginia Woolf)

I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t finished reading it yet. It’s a short piece but I just haven’t had the time or peace of mind, so I’ll update this when I’m done reading it.


La La Land

Going to watch this movie was such a struggle with scheduling conflicts and all but we finally made it, and it was so, so worth it! Probably my most favourite movie of all time!

Also, is it weird that I included the ticket in the pictures? It obviously serves a purpose but is it tacky? I dunno, it doesn’t photograph well. Maybe I shouldn’t include it. What do you think?

February Favourites Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Blogger Monthly Favorites

I hope you like this post! 🙂

– Za )x(

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