DIY Pom Pom Bag – Navratri Special

DIY Pompom Bag Mirror Work Gujrati Style Navratri Indian Festival Fashion Inspiration

Hi y’all! My first DIY post! I’m so excited 😀 It’s a DIY pompom bag inspired by the colours and details of Garba outfits, seen everywhere this festive season. They’re a riot of colours, prints, fabrics and embellishments all topped off with the cultural quintessential, mirrors! This one has the added va-va-voom of pompoms 😉

Pompoms have been having their moment in the lime light for a while now… Pompom sandals (DIY coming soon!), necklaces, earrings and bag accessories. And I’ve been wanting to make this bag in the typical Gujrati folk art style, for over a year now! So basically, since before they were cool. I even bought this hot-mess bag for the sole purpose of beautifying it into a kickass accessory for last year’s birthday outfit 😛 Oh how time flies…

DIY Pom Pom Bag


  1. Bag (I’ve used envelope clutch)
  2. Pom-Pom trim (whichever size/color you want)
  3. Mirror trim (Optional)
  4. Mirrors (medium sized glass mirrors)
  5. Acrylic Mirrors (thin, plastic ones, multiple sizes)
  6. Mirror Rings (any color, size depends on mirror size)
  7. Fevibond (or hot glue)
  8. Scisssors
  9. Tweezers (optional)
  10. Newspaper


  • First things first, lay out some news paper coz sometimes the glue can ooze out, so it’ll keep your work surface clean.


  • Lay out your lace and mirrors to get a rough idea of how you want it to look. This way, you’ll also know how much material you have. More importantly, you can make and remake multiple patterns until you find one you like.



  • Now, depending on your pattern, you’ll have to freestyle it. I’ll just tell you how I did mine. I Lined the edges of the bag with glue, one side at a time and stuck the blue lace, pressing it in with the tweezers.


  • I then folded the yellow trim, as shown below, and held it in place. Keeping one hand at the vertex, flip over the trim, apply glue generously and flip it back into place. Then press it down. Repeat for the other arm of the trim. Once both are secure, apply glue to the folded bits at the vertex and press down. Repeat the entire thing for the other side.


  • Next, measure out how much pompom trim you will need. Apply glue directly onto the bag, closely beside the yellow trim. Place the trim beginning at the lower edge, pressing it in place, going upwards. Repeat on the other
  • Then, arrange your mirrors onto the bag. Pick them up one at a time, apply glue to their back surface and press them in place.


And, voila! You’re done. You can do it on only one side, or on both sides. You can do different patterns on each side. I did 😛

Pattern II

  • Again, lay out your materials to get a rough idea of the pattern.


  • I forgot to take pics when I stuck the blue and yellow trims on this side. Anyway, first I put glue on the back of the remaining yellow trim and aligned it to the zipper. Then put glue alongside it and pressed the blue trim in place. Lay your mirrors out on the bag. Apply glue to their back surface and press them in place, one at a time.


  • Cut the pink trim in measured strips. Apply glue along its entire length and carefully place onto the bag. You can make adjustments and when your happy with the placement, press it in place. Repeat.


  • Lastly, apply glue to the back of the colored mirror rings and place them carefully so that the glue does not stain the mirrors.

Tada! Done! Let it dry overnight before use.

Note: Chamfer the edges of the trim as per the bag’s shape, as shown below


Note: While attaching pompom trim, make sure that it does not interfere with the movement of the zip. Cut off any that get in the way.

Note: You can use a clear craft glue. Fevibond is yellow and looks messy if you’re not careful. I couldn’t find mine. This doesn’t look too shabby anyway.

I added some more pink trim to the sides. Looks more finished now, doesn’t it?

I hope you like this post! 🙂

– Za )x(

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