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Hi guys! It’s #friyay and I’ve got a post full of mouth watering food pictures for you. No lie! Click and see for yourself 😉 I was recently invited to a menu tasting at Dhaba by Claridges 🍴 (Indranagar) to try the Dhaba Road Trips Menu by Chef Ravi Saxena.

“This summer, experience our Dhaba swag with Chef Ravi Saxena’s Punjab travel recipes. Each dish is a story, some from a sleepy by-lane of Amritsar while others are from a Patiala bus stop. For all those Veggie freaks, the road trips present a collection of some great new options too. Try them all and be taken to the Punjab in its fullest, right here at Dhaba.”

16 new dishes have been added to their menu as part of the Dhaba Road Trips inspired recipes.

  1. Tawa Chicken Chaamp (NV)
  2. Tawa Bhindi Masala
  3. Tawa Paneer
  4. Tandoori Bhuni Sabzi
  5. Macchi Di Tikki (NV, fish)
  6. Lawrence Raod Ki Tikki (NV, mutton)
  7. Nutri Saag Paneer
  8. Aloo Bhain Masala
  9. Kadhi Chicken (NV)
  10. Burni Mutton (NV)
  11. Dal Dhaba
  12. Dhaba Da Meetha
  13. Tiffin Paneer
  14. Tandoori Annannaas
  15. Gobhi Nutri
  16. Bharwan omlette

My friend and I sampled some delectable food with stellar accompaniments. We ended up trying 12 of the 16 new items on the menu (the first 12)! Apart from that we also tried a couple dishes from the Tandoor and some staples from their original menu.

Dhaba by Claridges

Here’s all the good stuff we gorged on: starters, mains and desserts!

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For starters we had:

  • Tawa Chicken Chaamp
  • Tawa Bhindi Masala
  • Tawa Paneer
  • Tandoori Bhuni Sabzi *
  • Macchi Di Tikki *
  • Lawrence Road Ki Tikki *

The Tandoori starters we tried from the original menu were:

  • Khade Masale Ka Paneer Tikka *
  • Machi Tikka *
  • Amritsar Tandoori Kukkad

Main Course

For mains, we had a variety of Balti (bucket) curries like:

  • Nutri Saag Paneer
  • Aloo Bhain Masala
  • Kadhi Chicken *
  • Burni Mutton *
  • Dal Dhaba

Also, obviously, rotis to go with the currys. We had three types of bread:

  • Missi Tandoori Paratha *
  • Laccha Paratha
  • Dhabe Di Roti
Missi Tandoori Paratha, Laccha Paratha and Dhabe Di Roti (from L-R)


And finally for desserts, we tried:

  • Mewa Rabri
  • Dhabe Da Meetha *
Mewa Rabri and Dhabe Da Meetha (from L-R)


We also ordered a few drinks to wash the delicious grub down.

  • Ganne Ka Sa Ras *
  • Virgin Paan Mojito
  • Passion Fruit Mocktail (I forgot the name) *

All the food items I’ve marked with an asterisk are my personal favourites that you absolutely must try on your next visit there! But, if you were on a budget and could only try one starter, main and dessert, I’d go with Machi di Tikki, Burni Mutton with Missi Tandoori Paratha and Dhabe da Meetha.

To be honest, I’m quite new to this food reviewing thing but this has been my humble attempt! Any feedback would be much appreciated! The food was amazing and if I absolutely had to pick a fault I’d say the mutton in the curry was a bit tough. My favourite protein here has to be the fish, they were made flawlessly, and to my genuine surprise, I ended up liking the vegetarian dishes a lot more than I would normally. Which, let’s be real, never happens. I’m a hardcore non-vegetarian and I always order non-veg food, except french fries, probably. But the paneer was brilliant and the freaking char grilled veggies (Tandoori Bhuni Sabzi) were so good, I polished them off completely! My friend ended up liking the Tawa Chicken Chaamp and the Aloo Bhain Masala. Also, major props to that Dhabe da Meetha. It’s a layered dessert with vanilla ice-cream at the bottom, a Shahi Tukda over it, doused in Rabri and topped with a Gulab Jamun. I could gobble up 5 of these easily and I don’t even have a sweet tooth!

Apart from the spectacular food, I must commend them for the service as well. The staff was courteous and informed and were always willing to help. Some even had cute Punjabi outfits on! Also, everything was served in brassware, in keeping with the theme. The venue itself is very cute and kitschy. They’ve tried to capture the essence of a typical dhaba in an urban landscape. We sat outdoors (I’m all about the natural lighting ,baby) and it was beautiful sunny day out with a light breeze which made the experience all the more enjoyable.

Over all it was a fabulous experience and the delicious food was expertly crafted! I highly recommend you try the food at Dhaba By Claridges this weekend 😉

I hope you like this post! 🙂

– Za )x(

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