Bloom In Co-ords

Hey, hey! What do we have here? An actual fashion post? Could it be? Why yes, yes it could! *sound flourish* It’s spring and since we all know how short lived springtime is, here, let’s make the most of it with silk floral co-ords 🙂

Don’t like to talk too much on fashion posts, so let’s jump right in to it!

Bloom In Co-ords

This beautiful silk co-ordinate set is actually a re-purposed 90’s skirt-blouse combo I snagged from my mum’s closet. Snagged is a poor/poetic choice of word because it literally got snagged in my bike’s wheels that evening (and morning) and it’s so heartbreaking 😢

(How gorgeous is this terrace? I can’t even 😍)

I’m only wearing one earring, actually. In hindsight, even that seems to crowd the look a little. Studs might have gotten along better. Oh well.

DIY-ed these shoes! Used an old leopard print hairband to amp up these otherwise lovely but forgettable slingbacks.

I seem to be in a very touchy-feely mood that day. So many pictures of me reaching out or touching things 🙈

The skirt is so fluid and has such great movement, pictures just don’t do it justice. Can’t help but feel like a diva, strutting in this.

I look like your mom, no? 😛 I’m basically everyone’s mom from the nineties!

The hairstyle involves a side part with 4 twists on the left. I have a sensitive scalp and I’m too much of a wuss too pull my hair any tighter. Dunno how people manage cornrows and all.

I’m wearing the most natural looking falsies. A little too natural maybe, you can barely detect them. I always thought “natural looking falsies” was an oxymoron, but I stand corrected. They’re not a beauty myth, apparently.

This neckpiece can be styled and draped in a lot of different ways and I did but the pictures were too dark and noisy, so I couldn’t post them.

What to do when you’re dressed to run around trees but live in a concrete jungle? Run around columns 😛 All I need is a preppy dude in slacks and a sweater and this would totally be a Yash Raj set.

Paired bright magenta lips with a shimmery purple lid and no top liner. Just some kajal on the lower rim. Resonating the pops of pink and purple with this deep orchid nail polish that is so damn stunning I couldn’t help but adore my hands for weeks (till I removed it).

Accessories And Details

Click to view full sized images!

Co-ords: Mum’s (Custom)

Pink racerback: Jockey

Bag: Lino Perros

Shoes: Sylcon (+ DIY)

Belt: Gift (Accessorize)

Earrings: Gift (Central/Lifestyle)

Necklace: Pipa Bella

Ring: Svelte

Interlinked bangles: Westside

I hope you like this post! 🙂

– Za )x(

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