Blog Revamp – 2017

Hi guys! Long time no see, huh? July seems to be a very unproductive month for me and I can’t seem to figure out why. Don’t get me wrong, I did a lot of work and had a lot of posts lined up as well but somehow, this is the first post of the month for me! Can hardly believe it. Any who, this is my 51st post! Woohoo 😀 (golden jubilee of some sort). I’ve got tons to post and tons to share with you guys. Hopefully I’ll get the ball rolling with this post, an introduction to my site’s brand new look. Blog revamp time!

The redesign has occupied my mind and my time for the last several months. If you’re a regular reader, you probably won’t see much of a difference coz, like Rome, the coding wasn’t done in a day. It has taken me a long time and I’m the type of person that does not know when to stop when I’m DIYing. 🙄 I just keep piling things on and more often than not, end up ruining them. BUT! Lucky for this baby, that hasn’t happened because a) I couldn’t solve all my design problems and b) I’ve resigned myself to letting it look the way it does or else I may only focus on the layout and end up never posting again 😱

Not only has the design changed, but if you follow me on Instagram you know that I held a contest and you guys helped me finalize a new font for my logo and headers! Thank you for that 🙂 (P. S.: I was kinda rooting for this one too) Here it is in all its glory –

The old look was very cute and fun and girly 👧 but the new look is more refined and chic and womanly 👩 I really hope you guys like it! Lemme know what you think in the comments! Please feel free to explore different pages and elements to discover the fancier version of this good ol’ gal! She had good bones, just needed a little CSS to get her lookin’ like the babe she is 😉 (are you worried for me? I am too)

Blog Revamp

I’ll be sharing with you screenshots of how my blog used to look when I first started so you can see the difference for yourself. Click to view full  images.

Things the theme’s forum directly helped me with:

  1. Drop down menu box placement correction (desktop)
  2. Expand search bar when magnifying icon is clicked
  3. Post excerpt alignment (centered/justified)
  4. Adjust display of categories+lines in post excerpts on all pages
  5. Change layout width and ratio

Things I accomplished with stuff I found on the internet and the theme’s forum and my trusty old friend – the inspect element:

  1. New font style and color
  2. Change menu font size, hover color and background colour + height and padding of menu bar
  3. Combine search with other menu items and center all items
  4. Remove logo from pages and instead insert in menu to replace home button
  5. Format slider text and buttons + adjust position
  6. Format page headers
  7. Format sharing buttons
  8. Make all pages single column
  9. Reduce padding between posts on all pages
  10. Format contact form on contact page
  11. Format “subscribe via email’ form and button
  12. Increase default sizes of h1-h6 titles
  13. Format search and reply button
  14. Change footer color and format scroll to top button
  15. Search results and 404 page formatting
  16. Change sidebar appearance (add border, remove underline)
  17. Format “popular posts” widget in sidebar
  18. Format load-more button in Instagram widget (+ change hover color)
  19. Format archive tab and tag buttons
  20. Insert ads
  21. Remove “read more”, “leave a comment”, meta data and category underlines
  22. Format hamburger menu button (mobile view)
  23. Drop down menu format (mobile)
  24. Add logo to top tab instead of “search” text (mobile view)
  25. Make slider text visible and clickable (mobile view)

Things I still wanna change but can’t/dunno how to, yet:

  1. Make logo click-able in the top tab in mobile view
  2. Display magnifying icon in the top right corner of the mobile view
  3. Enlarge featured images on home page
  4. Remove default copyright from footer
  5. Redesign footer with three columns and two rows
  6. Justify menu items
  7. Adjust break point from mobile to tab to desktop
  8. Get a better commenting system/app/plugin
  9. Pinterest button on hover plugin

I’ve added three new plugins as well to achieve: sliding search bar, speed boost and AdSense.

Now here’s where you can truly do me a solid: please recommend your go to options for those last two points 👆 i.e., what plugin do you use for comments (if any, or just default commenting system) and the what’s the best plugin for Pinterest pin-it button on hover? I’m on WordPress, just so you know. Any help would be much appreciated 💜

I hope you like this post! 🙂

– Za )x(

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