Back To School: College Fest

Boho Punk Fest Back to school Lipstick Alchemist

Let’s take a moment to laugh at the title a little 😀 “Back to SCHOOL: COLLEGE Fest” Haha!

Hi guys! Posting regularly, woot! Yey to small achievements 😛 Today I’ve brought you the most inexpensive look so far! Boho-punk appropriate for college and musical festivals alike! For all you first years, dressing for the college fest can be daunting. After all, you’re representing your college and with all the fraternizing that goes on, you wanna be comfortable and create a great first impression! But never forget, you’re also representing yourself. So you do you, girl!

NOTE: This is Part 3 of a three part series.

Part 1: Back to School (Weekend Seminar)

Part 2: Back to School (Girls’ Day Out)

College Fest

Black on black with a little pop of color! This look has several pros: Budget friendly; Comfortable; Slimming; Quirky; Eye-catching. The only con is that you may end up with weird tan lines if you don’t use sunblock! So please use it generously because you will be out and about and end up frying in the sun.

BTS Fest 11

The pretty embroidery helps create the illusion of a fuller bust and has that peasant top feel to it, while the elasticated waist cinches it in.

Boho Punk Fest Back to school Lipstick Alchemist
The sky’s giving off some rennaisance Jesus painting vibes 😛

My family thinks I look like a black-magic-baba meets 70s stoner hippy. Probably 😀

BTS Fest 14

The batwing styled sleeves give it a faux kaftan effect, amplifying the bohemian look.

BTS Fest 13
When you’re posing and the sun comes out but your photographer wants you to stay so you stare into the sun like NBD while you’re eyes water and you’re going blind 😀

The peek-a-boo bow detail on the leggings is a point of interest and draws attention! I always get asked where I bought them from 🙂 Can you see how happy it makes me? Can’t help but twirl!

BTS Fest 8

These metallic sandals are sooooooo old, but they’re in trend so I busted them out! Smizing with my crow. (not the Jon Snow kind, tho)

BTS Fest 16

The multi-colored beads on this vernacular bracelet look very kitschy and cute! Hair chains give off an instant festival vibe, no?

BTS Fest 10a

The purple lips echo the bright pops of color throughout the look and the falsies pull the look together! Love this shot 🙂 So many birds flying about…

BTS Fest 15


Boho Punk Fest Back to school Lipstick Alchemist
Super affordable! Most pocket friendly of all three looks!

Accessories And Details

Click to view full-sized images!

Top: Max

Leggings: Westside

Ties-up Sandals: Commercial Street

Hair Chain: New Look

Earrings: Commercial Street

Beaded Bracelet + Aqua Bangle: Commercial Street

Thread Bracelet: Sigma Mall Kiosk

BTS Fest 9

I hope you like this post 🙂

– Za )x(

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