Baby Products For Adults

Johnson's baby products for adults Lipstick Alchemist

Hi! Super late post, but I’m gonna try and squeeze this in before midnight so I don’t miss a scheduled day!

It’s that time of the month and I was just not up for anything. Mustered the motivation to create something, none the less!

Baby Products

Johnson's baby products for adults Lipstick Alchemist

Today we’re getting creative with baby products. Ain’t nobody got babies. It’s for your grown ass adult self! (In case you do have babies, great, scam them πŸ˜› )

Baby Wipes

Johnson's baby wipes for adults Lipstick Alchemist

They’re amazing for removing make-up! I’ve been using these for months. They’re not very effective with waterproof make-up, but personally, I use them to clean my face before I go to bed.

Baby Oil

Johnson's baby oil for adults Lipstick Alchemist

Everyone seems to love using argan oil or some such on their makeup sponges and beauty blenders. This is a great inexpensive alternative enriched with Vitamin E! Let’s be real, argan oil prices are getting out of control.

Baby Shampoo

Johnson's baby shampoo for adults Lipstick Alchemist

Now this guy! It’s the perfect brush detergent! There aren’t any make-up brush cleaning solutions in the market and this fits the bill perfectly. Not harsh, not impotent. Perfect.

Baby Powder

Johnson's baby powder for adults Lipstick Alchemist

Poor woman’s dry shampoo! BBlunt is the only dry shampoo commercially available RN. This will solve your flat hair problems but please use with caution. Slow and steady, a little at a time. Else you’ll look like you dunked your head in coke. Or flour. LOL.

Baby Soap

Johnson's baby soap for adults Lipstick Alchemist

Who hasn’t used this, growing up? It’s the best thing for your face, whatever your age. Sure we’ve moved on to fancy-shmancy face wash, but this trusty thing is still here for you.

Baby Lotion

Johnson's baby lotion for adults Lipstick Alchemist

Use it as body lotion. What were you expecting? Haha.

Please Note:

  1. You will smell like a baby. Brace yourself.
  2. Johnson and Johnson did not pay me. Sadly.
Baby hair brush lipstick alchemist
This little hair brush was part of that baby care collection boxed set. You can use it to comb your pets or as an exfoliating brush for your feet. But please use it gently. It can be abrasive if you use too much pressure.

I hope you like this post πŸ™‚

– Za )x(

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