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Hey guys! Hope you’re doing well πŸ™‚ I’m back after having effed-off for a fortnight, working on some newer platforms, namely Wooplr and Roposo! Be sure to follow me there. And everywhere else. Except in real life πŸ˜› Β Let’s get on with my August favourites now.

August Favourites



Tea Tree Toner (The Body Shop)

This is my first big-girl-toner and if I’m being honest, it smells like death. Like disinfectant/drain cleaner almost πŸ˜› I guess that’s just the natural odour of tea tree extracts but I was caught off guard. It’s a nice toner that tightens pores and is supposed to help with erasing blemishes. Of course I wouldn’t know anything about that since I only use it on days that I’m wearing makeup (before and after). Ain’t nobody got time for daily skincare routines and shit.


Purity Scalp Hair Shampoo (Bee Choo Origin)

Got this complimentary with the herbal hair treatment I got at Hairbitat. I need to update that post coz I’ve noticed my scalp has got oilier since the treatment. As in, a wash doesn’t last me as long as it used to and again, ain’t nobody got time for daily hair wash. This helps in controlling the oil secretion but it’s so tiny, don’t think it’ll last much longer. It smells like henna+menthol and has such a cooling, relaxing effect on the scalp. It’s pricy, but if you can afford it, go for it!


Fleur | Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss (L. A Girl)

Guys! Stop the press! I may have found a nude lipstick that looks okay-ish on me! That’s a vast improvement from the morgue-face that most nude lipsticks give me. Also, this isn’t so much of a nude lipstick as it is a peach (with a hint of terracotta) lipstick but it’s the same shade as the non-discolored part of my lips so it’s a nude to me πŸ˜›


S’mores Milkshake | Matte Nail Polish (Nykaa)

What a beauty this polish is! It’s a rose tinged greige. Bit of lilac, bit of grey, bit of nude, just beautiful. Plus it’s matte!



Taylor Stud Side Jeggings (Koovs)

If you read my March Favourites, you know this is a repurchase! If I love something, I want it in all the colours available! So after the acid wash ones, I bought this dark wash pants and I love them just as much as the original! Koovs needs to bring these out in more colours and washes!


MK-3247 | Rose Gold Chronograph (Michael Kors)

I mean, am I even a blogger if I don’t have a Micheal Kors watch? πŸ˜› Went for the classic rose gold style with diamante encrusted rim but with a twist! The straps aren’t the standard metal straps, they’re chain link style. Next stop, Daniel Wellington πŸ˜€


White Flat Lace Up Trainer (Truffle Collection)

It seems I’m destined to not have white sneakers that fit me. My first pair was too tight even though it was my size. This pair is a size bigger and obviously a looser fit is better than a tight shoe. This pair so gorgeous, I don’t even mind the size. It’s kind of a dupe for the Adidas Superstar, without the trademark stripes of course. No regrets.




The feels! So many feels. Good movie, watched it very late, but loved it anyway.

TV show

Game of Thrones S07

This has to be my most favourite TV show of all time, but imma level with you. This season was weak. They pandered too much to the audience and the number of people that survived that clearly wouldn’t have made it is just too damn high. I’m upset by how chill I’ve been after finishing this season. I don’t even care that it’s coming back in 2019. Like, WTH is wrong with me? Am I so dead inside??? I guess I was just so prepared to be shook. And I wasn’t. And that’s sad, but I still love this show! Some day I will read the book series. Bucket list stuff. Until then, let’s all savour this show.


Battle Cry (Angel Haze ft. Sia)

I LOVE this song! LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE it. It’s my jam. Also, Sia on the chorus of any song = a lit AF track! Listen to it and you’ll love it. I’m just mad I only found out about Angel Haze recently and that more of the world isn’t fully aware of her genius!


Ola Share: Farak Padta Hai (Ola)

Our generation constantly get dissed by the oldies, but this goes to show we’re not just some awara, nalayak bache with coloured hair and piercings. The things that matter to us may not be the same, but we care and cleverly, we share! Good ad by Ola, they just need better service/availability.


Arun Kulfi

The weather’s been a bit confused hasn’t it? It’s either raining or burning up. Keeping cool with these yum AF kulfis. Give it a go if you’re bored of the usual ice-creams.

I hope you like this post!Β 🙂

– Za )x(

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