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Back at it with another monthly favourites, y’all! I’ve been really caught up with back end jobs and party planning compounded by weddings and shopping dates! So my April favourites probably aren’t the most exciting set of things I’ve posted about so far. The first half of the year is pretty packed for me: 5 friends’ birthdays, dad’s birthday, my birthday, blog’s anniversary, blog related bills and paperwork, general summer weddings and events, and sick days! Down with a cold again 😛 (or is it a flu? I dunno but I’ve got a cold+sore throat+cough)

So bare with this *slightly* dull listicle coz May is already such a stunner and it’ll make up for this! Loads of good things coming your way 🙂

April Favourites

April Favourites



Purifying Neem Face Wash (Himalaya)

This is an oldie-but-a-goodie type product. I’d stopped using it in the winter coz it can be pretty drying, but it’s working great in the summer. But as always, I can only use it in the mornings (night time usage breaks me out for some inexplicable reason).


Spa Therapy Conditioner (Tresemme)

I’ve been using the Fall Defense Shampoo and conditioner set these last few months but my hair’s been frizzier than usual because of the weather. Started using this little guy again and it seems to soften and tame my hair more.


Burnished Bling | Photoready Eye Art (Revlon)

Spotted this on a friend and I really liked the glitter winged liner she’d done. It’s a double ended product with a glitter liner and a shimmery liquid eyeshadow that comes with a doe foot applicator (like Rimmel Scandaleyes)


Tenacious Teal | Color Show Nail Polish (Maybelline)

Wore this to my anniversary party and looking back at all the videos from that day I was taken aback by how pretty it made my hands look! I just love nail polish so much! The colour and formulation are both really good.



Bomber Jacket (Noble Faith)

The print is so reminiscent of the 80s-90s “track suit” co ordinates that we’ve all worn as kids! #tbt to us 90s kids! And obviously bomber jackets have been very much in style so it’s a double whammy. It’s a cropped style jacket in a breathable fabric that’s great for this weather!


Shoulder Duster Earrings (Styletag)

Another thing I wore to my party. They’re just so minimalist and chic and add just that slight hint of sparkle to your OOTD. Keep the neck bare coz you don’t want to crowd these babies.


Pointed Animal Print Flats (Vero Couture)

Girly and fun, these flats have a lot going for them: they’re pointed (not rounded) so they add length, leopard print adds some sass, tan colouring makes it super versatile and they have metallic pleather panels for some added glam. Pretty, pretty!



Billy Elliot: The Musical Live

This such a sweet and funny movie! It’s the live recording of the musical about a boy from an unlikely background trying to challenge the norm and pursue his dreams of becoming a ballet dancer! I absolutely enjoyed watching it not just for the story but also the song and dance that ensues and the way the scenes shift and props are manipulated to change the setting. Theater is just magic! 🙂

TV show


I love spoof shows! Angie Tribeca has me rolling in laughter! This show actually is kind of a spoof of the long running survivor-thriller Lost. It’s a 10 episode season and it’s pretty funny! Here’s how it begins:


Most Girls (Hailee Steinfeld)

I was honestly slightly worried (and mad) that this song is about putting down other girls to build yourself up but it turned out to be a don’t-judge-a-book-by-it’s-cover type of scenario! I genuinely appreciate when young stars realize they have impressionable fans and so they make content that is of value and does not feed the evils of society! Also, side note, please don’t say nor let anyone else say “I’m/you’re not like other girl’s”. That’s neither a compliment nor something to aspire to! Be yourself, build each other up and at the very least, don’t tear others down.


Chonkpur Cheetahs (Amazon India)

Amazon makes some really catchy and funny ads and this whole series is really intelligent because it utilizes the IPL fever for some smart marketing. This particular clip has them looking for a wicket keeper and they find one in the talented Khusbu. Inclusivity for the win! Wouldn’t it be great to have some meritorious women on the team?


Cheesy Alfredo Pasta Box (Chef’s Basket)

OH MY LORD this was yum! I added some butter garlic prawns and extra cheese to it and it was magnificent! You must give it a try. I also like their other flavours. This makes for some really good, restaurant quality pasta!


Madina Yavorskaya 

She’s a Moscow based baker who makes cakes that are absolute works of art! She’s an artist and runs the bakery and pastry school along with her architect brother. Just check out her feed, it’ll blow your mind! So brilliant.

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April Favourites Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Blogger Monthly Favorites

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