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Hello there! I am Za 🙂

Indian blogger; Fashion-Beauty-Lifestyle holy trinity; Architect; Baker; Catmom; Philonoist; Chronic binger; Neophile; Experimental; Non-conformist; A contradictory mess; Kind of a basic B; Iconoclast, dealing with societal pressures; Work-in-progress; All-or-nothing attitude; Jill of all trades and master of sleeping; Hair has a mind of it’s own; Fivehead; Bare-footer; Murphy’s Law was based on my life; Major trust issues; Don’t know how to adult; NOT a morning person; Procrastinator; Socially awkward; Nerd; Thicc; Book lover, slow reader; So many fandoms, so little time; Feminist; Liberal; Fully support de-stigmatizing menstruation, gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights; Taking conscious steps towards reducing my carbon footprint.


You will notice this page is constantly changing, as I evolve. Also because I can be extremely indecisive.

Stick around for more! You’re invited 🙂

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