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Hey guys! My blog turned one recently. Yey 🙂 This would be a great time for us to get better acquainted and since I’m not about to give out my address or bank details, I thought it would be fun to share some non-generic (= cool) words that describe me or my personality traits. I am a philonoist after all (you’ll find out what that means soon 😉 ) and if there’s something I like more than learning it’s teaching/sharing information/spreading awareness.

There’s some ambiguity on what the actual date of “birth” of this blog is. Should it be March 03, the date I registered my domain name, or should it be April 03, the date of my first blog post? Let me know what you think, in the comments below! I’m a bit undecided still so I celebrated both milestones 😛 (any reason to party, amirite? :P). Founding day anniversary was pizza+sleepover and launch day anniversary was an intimate theme party. Maybe I’ll post about that, if you’re interested.

Anyway, me being the extrawunsch (also something you’ll learn below) that I am, have delayed this post from third to eighth! I’m quite the font fiend and cannot be trusted to pick and choose quickly. They’re all so great, how does one not take a week to test and deliberate? I did that like any NORMAL human being would and I’m pretty pleased with the results even though it may come across as just me being full of myself.

10 Cool Words


New books, new makeup, new shoes. It’s out with the old, in with the new. New is the new new 😀 It’s not just buying new things, though. It’s creativity, breaking away from monotony, curiosity and invention.


It’s important to have your own opinions on various matters whether that means it’s different from how you were raised or from what you are told or what may be the norm. Tradition or custom does not make something right or absolute. You must educate yourself and then decide for yourself. And even though I’m not a revolutionary, I find I’ve reformed my mind.


The thirst (for knowledge) is real. I just go down rabbit holes on a daily basis, trying to educate myself on new topics. As a kid I used to even learn fancy words from the dictionary to use in conversation 😛 Retention/confusion is a whole other issue. Sometimes I forget meanings and sometimes I remember them but cant recall the exact word!


time-optimist; an untranslateable Swedish word

Heh-heh. There’s now a single-word excuse to explain why I’m always late. It’s not even that I start late, I just magically end up late. I’m like: what just happened, where did the time go?  This is it.


extra-wishes; an untranslateable German word

THIS! This is why my posts are never on time. Coz I fuss and I fuss over little details as if my life depends on it. In my defense, God is in the details. Or is it the Devil that’s in the details? Devil, most likely 😛 But the whole tidsoptimistextrawunsch combo just guarantees things will be held up, delayed or maybe even cancelled. Now you know!


It’s an untranslateable Yiddish word

A simple summation of my existence. Murphy’s Law all the way! Everything that can go wrong will. Fail plans, bad timing, losing things, falling sick; it’s just a series of unfortunate events…


It’s an untranslateable Spanish word.

I’m someone that’s constantly cold and for a while I thought I had hypothyroidism but no, apparently I’m just a friolera. I like to be warm and toasty so other people might get perturbed by my preferred ambiance. I can also dress warmer with more layers than most people so it’s a win for me!


Am I a quaintrelle? No, I am not. Do I want to be one? Damn right I do. But the question is when will I ever?


These next two are kind of psychological anomalies more than personality traits! The scientific definition of phantosmia is “olfactory hallucination” and it can be rather disruptive but it’s very mild for me (more scent memory than a disorder in my case). If someone has a distinct odor, I can smell it even when they’re not around. This is especially strong when it comes to food. I’ll randomly smell something that isn’t there and then I’ll crave that food so badly and will not stop till I have it 😛


You probably have this too! Not only do I see faces in cars and animals in the clouds (like most people), I subconsciously seek out patterns in absolutely random/incomprehensible imagery.

Random (/fun?) fact: I see facial profiles of Jennifer Aniston and Benjamin Franklin in my bathroom tiles.

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to trivialize serious illnesses; these are not Queen-of-England certified definitions; untranslateabe as in no one word replacement in the English language. Oh, and I spent way too much time making this.

I hope you like this post! 🙂

– Za )x(

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